About Us

About Us
About Us

Products in our portfolio


Employees in our team. True professionals!

2 500 000+

Devices designed by us currently in use worldwide


Years ago our company was founded


We are programmers, software testers, circuit designers, electronic designers, engineering designers, product testers, project managers and business analysts.

We have sought each other, shared experience, invented and created with a single purpose: to convert your ideas into producible goods intended to change the world.


Entrusting your idea to Unic Lab, you have no reason to be uneasy: our process is transparent, and you may access the current project data anytime. Research, development, testing and production – we have encompassed all the stages under one roof.

About Us


26 years of experience and own patented technologies enable us to provide you with unique solutions, to find the best component prices, to minimise the defect rates and to get a product at the lowest cost.



Want to join us?

Email your resume to: hr@unic-lab.by

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