Ultrasonic Gas Meter

Ultrasonic Gas Meter


To develop a superaccurate metering instrument to measure gas consumption using up-to-date ultrasonic technology and to transmit data by a wireless link.


  • No moving parts, which means no mechanical wear and more accurate and reliable measurements
  • Capability of daily data transmission to a base station and/or router and, further, the end user’s account for gas consumption monitoring purposes
  • Gas backflow monitoring and indication at the meter display; backflow measurement independently of the direct flow
  • Low susceptibility to magnetic fields
  • Low susceptibility to deposition in the flow section due to the ultrasonic measurement method
  • Ultrasonic sensor and temperature sensor failure monitoring, gas overflow monitoring, low battery indication, prompt user notification of a failure or emergency (in the user’s account)
  • Data transmission by NB-Fi protocol
  • Integrated battery for 6 years of continuous work
  • Aggregate gas consumption storing in the meter memory for at least 20 years
  • Ambient temperature for indoor meters: -10 to +55 ° Ambient temperature for outdoor meters: -40 to +55 °C
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