Smart 3-Phase Electricity Meter

Smart 3-Phase Electricity Meter


To develop a smart meter to measure direct and backflow active and reactive energy in three-phase 4-wire 50Hz AC circuits, capable of multirate measurement and data transmission to the user’s account by data links within automatic commercial electricity metering systems.


  • Integrated CR 2032 3V battery to feed the clock and calendar where no external power supply is available
  • Integrated optical interface
  • Universal PLC modem
  • Integrated wireless interface
  • Two telemetry outputs
  • Two independent RS485 communication interfaces
  • SPODES/DLMS communication protocols
  • Extended effective mains voltage range (measurement of power consumption and generation parameters with metrological characteristics stable throughout the entire feed voltage range)
  • Redundant slot for additional communication modules
  • Logging of self-test results, setup changes, events
  • Up to 8 electricity rates
  • Mains parameters monitoring, overrange warning
  • Informative settable reading indication at the meter display
  • Individual self-testing for each meter module
  • Protection against electric shock: the meter is rated Class II equipment of Transient Overvoltage Category III, Pollution Degree 2
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