Pre-Production includes:

  • Detailed review of the initial design documents for availability and completeness, accuracy, absence of ambiguousness and errors, etc.
  • Selection and customer’s approval of the applied technologies and materials. Sample preparation and periodic tests, if applicable
  • Review of the applied design and engineering solutions
  • Development of the product engineering documents and process flowchart
  • Design and manufacturing of tailored tools and accessories required to produce a product of appropriate quality, in defined volume and at defined cost
  • Review of the used components and materials for discontinuation, custom orders and any other issues
  • Selection of available equivalent replacement components and materials (for the purpose of production cost reduction, too)

Mass production preparation: design documents development and adaptation to the manufacturer’s facilities.

Manufacturer’s facilities preparation includes:

  1. Design documentation retrieval from the developer
  2. Documents review for availability
  3. Documents adjustment to the manufacturer’s environment
  4. Documents amendment upon producibility fine-tuning
  5. Documents amendment upon the manufacturer’s facilities preparation
  6. Pilot batch manufacturing support
  7. Documents adjustment upon the pilot batch manufacturing
  8. Serial production support

Manufacturing of tailored tools and accessories, automated stations and benches

The engineering preparation often implies development and manufacturing of tailored process tools and accessories.

Tooling and accessories may both increase the production rate (board holder, a support intended to hold a PCB at the conveyor belt while it is being wave-soldered) and test performance by certain criteria (cluster automated functional testing benches).

To make a custom process tool, we have:

  • Zhuo Ke ZK6090 3-axis mill with no automatic tool changeover
  • Maxtors Precision YMC-5040 4+-axis (3 axes + tilt rotary table) mill with 7-pos. toolholder
  • DMTG CKE6126 lathe with 4-pos. toolholder
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