Hardware Design
Hardware Design

Hardware Design

We design hardware architectures for high-tech and smart electronics
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Our engineers invent electronics circuitry and PCB topology using microchips and PLDs of various designs.

Hardware Design steps:

  1. Designing an electrical schematic diagram (signal integrity analysis, electromagnetic compatibility analysis, power circuit integrity analysis)
  2. Designing PCB topology
  3. PCB structure modelling (3D modelling)
  4. Development (modelling, setup, testing) of antennas of various types, technologies and bandwidths (ESA and embedded antennas, antenna arrays), printed microstrip filters, power splitters and other passive VHF devices
  5. PCB topology verification and matching (DFM analysis, DFA analysis)
  6. Antenna to RF path matching by impedance
  7. Manufacturing of prototypes and pilot batches
  8. Verification and testing (pre-compliance EMC testing)

In the end you will get a package of design documents, process documents to launch an electronic unit, and a prototype.



  • Texas Instruments 

  • Atmel Corporation 

  • Xilinx 

  • Microchip Technology 

  • NXP Semiconductors 

  • OnSemi 

  • Silabs 

  • STMicroelectronic 

  • Analog Devices 



  • USB 

  • LAN 

  • Ethernet

  • I2C 

  • SPI 

  • HDMI 

  • PCI 

  • PCI-E 

  • S / PDIF 

  • SATA 

Processor architectures

  • ARM 7 / 9 / 11 

  • Cortex M0 / M3 / M4 / A8 / A7 / A9 

  • AVR 

  • PIC 

Memory types

  • NOR / NAND Flash 


  • CF / MMC / SD 

  • DDR / DDR2 / SDRAM 




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