Mass Production
Mass Production

Mass Production

Development and production – all under the same roof
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Unic Lab in cooperation with Nero Electronics offers outsource manufacturing at world-class facilities following advanced production processes and techniques.

  • Manufacturing of PCBs of any type, with different coating at every circuit
  • SMD assembly
  • DIP assembly
  • Functional testing, adjustment, programming
  • Product packaging, electronic device assembly and installation, manufacturing of cables, FFCs, etc.
  • Laser cutting of PCBs, enclosures, etc.
  • Pre-Production

SMD surface-mount technology

  • Up to 200,000 components per hour at high-precision Samsung machines
  • Automatic optical inspection by Zenith L-Size
  • 100% 3D quality control of paste application and component installation

Output DIP assembly

  • High-tech inert (N2) wave soldering machine capable of up to 10,000 components per hour
  • Ability to make board holding tooling
  • Precise and quick manual assembly at ERSA and PS-900 soldering machines
  • 100% through-hole mounting quality control

Functional testing

Programming, debugging, performance testing of devices at complex test benches.

Extra services

  • Laser cutting of PCBs, enclosures, nameplates at UV laser marking machines
  • Product marking with labels, barcodes and QR codes
  • Application of sealants, compounds, glues, thermal paste
  • Ultrasonic cleaning at a special machine
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