Iot platform

Iot platform


To develop a universal IoT platform capable of collecting, processing and displaying data received from IoT devices, of being integrated with other systems, and which would be easily expandable with additional software interfaces to connect new device types.


  • System status monitoring and analysis: failure warning, unauthorised access warning, performance deviation
  • Data transmission system general condition analysis
  • Billing system
  • Commercial loss accounting and analysis
  • Issue notification system
  • Remote configuring
  • Report preparation, downloading and exporting to other systems
  • Data prediction (scheduling) module
  • Device management system (addition, replacement, clustering)
  • Access management system

Solution Architecture

Data Gateway Service - raw data acquisition and parsing input layer

Data Aggregator Service - consumption data aggregation, interpolation, access granting

Device Control Service - data acquisition relating to devices, their owners and service companies, firmware, manufacturers and compatible protocols

Pii/Auth Service - access management, user and service settings

Personal account (Account Service) - data visualisation, device ranking and assignment to houses/apartments, statistics recording and reporting

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