Data Collection&Transmission Unit

Data Collection&Transmission Unit


To develop a device for acquisition, processing and storage of data from electricity meters and other measuring instruments, as well as data transmission by communication links to the upper level of automatic integrated resource metering systems


  • Two SIM card slots
  • microUSB (A/B) slot
  • Two GSM modules compatible with 3G and 4G data transmission protocols
  • Wi-Fi module
  • Integrated real-time clock
  • Capability of automatic local time synchronisation to an NTP server by the NTP protocol
  • Multi-level protection against unauthorised access: mechanical seals, access password, data encryption as being transmitted by the interfaces of DCTU lower and upper levels
  • Data acquisition in relation to power consumption and generation, accumulated fee, event logs
  • Relay control, electricity rate schedule recording, metering instrument updating
  • Event log storage and transmission on demand
  • Linux based operating system
  • Available data transmission protocols: DLMS/SPODES, SMP
  • Available API for integration into the measurement systems/user’s account
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